I AM BACK!!!!!!!!

18th March 2008
OK.... I have had a ton of email from people all over the world asking me why I have not added any new photos over the last few months. I have a good reason for this, laziness. Other than that, I have to admit that I have hit some sort of artistic block, and therefore I made excuses and decided to give my camera a rest. Every photo I take, I take with the intention of out-doing my last work, and over the last few months whether due to a lack of subject or travel or just effort, I have been unable to produce any new work I feel warrants being posted on rowanmark.com. Anyways, I have had cause to now reinvigorate my work, and raise the bar, to produce truly though provoking and visually stimulating work. The cause, I have finally entered several contest 2 of the 3 I have been successful in securing a top place, which has given me my impetus to go further and deeper into my work. Also I have decided to move forward with my idea of creating a Rowan Mark Photography Book, the idea is still fresh, but I plan to venture on a journey of a life time, which will allow me to hopefully capture a world that will linger in your minds long after you have seen it, photos that read as novels that leave the reader to create his or her own ending. This is what I want to achieve by capturing stunning faces and revealing amazing places. When will this be finished I dont know but the start date will be early summer.

The Website will be changing in about a month, many of the portfolios will be trimmed or taken off completely to clean up the site and make way for new work. So please keep coming back, and feel free to leave your comments.

Thanks for looking

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