National Geographic 2008 Internaitonal Photo Contest Winner

02nd December 2008
A few weeks back I debated up until the very last moment whether or not to submit a couple photos to the very prestigious National Geographic International Photography Contest 2008 Competition. With over 100,000 photos submitted annually this competition sees some of the most stunning photography from around the globe, capturing People, Places and Nature. After submitting my work I thought nothing of it… and just so happen to check the National Geographic Website for fun. You can imagine my surprise and disbelief when I saw what looked like my photo on the front page of the site… Confused I clicked the photo to find that I was in the winning Gallery with 10 other photos. I took a moment to process but when the fog lifted I realized that I was among 4 winners in the People’s Category receiving the coveted “Honorable Mention” Award. It absolutely blew me away. Though I did not win the Category (The winning photo is great by the way and well deserved) I hold this win in high regard, to think that out of 100,000 photos submitted the Judges at National Geographic, found enough emotion and depth in my work to have it recognized.