15th September 2012
Diary of a Traveler - No Retakes
28th January 2011
But then there are those that unexpectedly enter your story book of life, write a paragraph or two then simply disappear.
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Canada Series (New Video)
04th August 2010
For the first time ever I decided to travel Canada...

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29th July 2010
Feel De Vibe

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10th April 2010
Ummmm The Global who.......
16th July 2009
As you can see at the moment the site is getting a new look in order to make way for new work which means many of the photos on my site will be archived. However you can still find all my current and pass work in the gallery...
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National Geographic 2008 Internaitonal Photo Contest Winner
02nd December 2008
Out of 100,000 submissions, My photo "The Fighter" is among the 10 winning finalist, receiving the very coveted Honorable Mention Award for the People Category.

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New Photos are on the way!!!!
25th September 2008
Some interesting stuff coming very soon!!!
PC Photo Magazine Viewer's Choice Award Winner!!!
18th September 2008
Viewer's Choice for Top 100 Iconic Photo Locations of the World!!!!
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Limited Edition Prints for Sale Coming soon
29th August 2008
It has taken me several years and the affirmation of countless individuals to convince me that I should sell my work.
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My First Interview
09th August 2008
"Coming home after five years in Africa, Oakwoodite humanitarian and photographer Rowan McGann focuses on progress and empowerment."
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01st August 2008
New Work!!!
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Photo Exhibit "Eyes on the World"
14th June 2008
Dear Rowan

I am pleased to inform you that your photograph was chosen for display in the upcoming exhibit, Eyes on the World: Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest. The exhibit, which is currently in production, showcases 36 of the 50 finalists from Smithsonian Magazine’s 6th Annual Photo Contest. It will be on view from July 1, 2008 through January 15, 2009 in the first floor of the Smithsonian “Castle” on the National Mall in Washington DC.
02nd April 2008
Smithsonian Peoples Choice Award
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19th March 2008
....among more than 7,500 entries we received from all over the world.
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I AM BACK!!!!!!!!
18th March 2008
OK.... I have had a ton of email from people all over the world asking me why I have not added any new photos over the last few months. I have a good reason for this, laziness.
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Not Bad Company
13th March 2008
Your stunning entry was selected for Second Place.
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