10th April 2010
With only a day to capture Paris, I was greatly disappointed to see that my first time back to Paris in 9 years, would be cut short by rain. I had limited time to try and capture a unique perspective, but in a city like Paris, no nuck and cranny has gone unphotographed, so it was hard to come up with something different when time was so limited.

Between ducking from spits of rain, and throngs of tourist, I realized that my best option was to photograph the Eiffel. It would be the most recognizable photographs I could take, but meant I would need to come up with ideas that would allow me to capture the Eiffel that made it all mine. In the hour that it took me to walk from the Latin Quarter to the Eiffel I had thought it through.

By the evening I sat exhausted at a cafe with direct site of the Eiffel, with an espresso and a chocolate Crepe, thinking to myself, nothing I could capture could really express what I was feeling at this moment.

I spent the rest of the evening, tasting, smelling, feeling and embracing Paris, and like an Orchid her beauty is unmatched, so in the end I left a part of me there, like so many before me, and undoubtedly after me this city does something to you....

Rowan Mark