Photo Documentary Evala Festival
10th July 2007
COMING SOON 07.15.2007
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Africa Has Hope!!
21st March 2007
Includes: Ghanaian Independence, Elmina Castle & my latest struggle- buying a car in Lome.
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Blue Skies Are Here Again
31st January 2007
Includes: End of Harmattan, Meeting the President & Future Projects
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Not all Ikea Stores and Volvos
11th January 2007
A few things I noticed while in Sweden.
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My first impressions...
29th December 2006
A few highlights and impressions so far.
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Karl Grobl
01st October 2006
Humanitarian Photographer Extraordinaire
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27th September 2006
At no point did I ever think that I would ever run with the Bulls in SPAIN, Paraglide off the Cliffs of Rio in BRASIL, sit with the proud Masai in their huts in KENYA, eat and sleep with the hill top tribes of Northern THAILAND (not to mention the hospitalization shortly after for eating the local delicacy, a bamboo worm) or abseiling (controlled decent down a shear mountain cliff) the worlds highest commercial decent at 1000 meters above sea level at Table Mountain in SOUTH AFRICA. Over the last 7 years I have really pushed myself to live a life that I was afraid to live, every trip and every venture has been made with a great deal of trepidation, and with a fair amount of uncertainty, and today is no different. As some of you may know already, I have left Washington DC for a promising opportunity in the West African country of TOGO starting shortly. This has been a tough decision for me for numerous reasons, but mostly because I will miss Washington DC a great deal as well as the great friends I made over my year and a half there.

Moving forward though, I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you around the world that really supported my website. While in Africa I will be documenting the countries I will be visiting not to mention adding to my very popular “Face to Face” and the “World as I see it” portfolios with all of the very photogenic people and landscapes I am bound to come across. I will also be looking at providing a more socially provocative photo and commentary section, which will sort of detail cultural and political issues that I am either working on, or that I simple come across while there, you know real human interest stories.

In other news, I have gone ahead and invested in some top notch equipment, such as a new computer and my first DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!! OH MAN I LOVE IT. Anyways, I deserve it, or so I keep telling myself to justify what I paid for it. But I knew it had to be done. I have posted my first portfolio with the new camera under “Childhood”; take a look it may not be up there to much longer!!!

Ok so this is really long enough, so enjoy and remember to look at all the new portfolios and please feel free to sign my “guestbook”, it’s a new feature.

Be Cool
Rowan Mark
"The Heights" Coming soon
05th May 2006
A few months ago I introduced you to a feature photographer on my site, Daniel Solaris. In his bio he states his profession as a film maker; well I have been tracking his progress since last year on a unique project to document the lives of the immigrant Dominican community in NY City, called “the heights”. When I spoke with him last year he communicated to me the struggle, and heartache many have to go through in search of a better life here in America. He has just recently returned from the Dominican Republic where he spent 18 days getting more footage for his story. I just saw his film trailer and it is Amazing, I highly recommend you follow the link below. It is still a work in progress and money is tight, but you would be able to tell. Somehow he finds away to pursue his dream while working odd jobs on the side to make money. If you have comments for him feel free to contact me with your comments or support, I will pass them on. His featured photo portfolio “new york” is displayed in the gallery.
The best part of my day!!
06th April 2006
So I was at work today feeling sorry for myself wondering when my boss is going to fire me, when all of a sudden my phone rings. And just like out of the movies on the other line is the world renowned National Geographic. I couldn’t believe it, calling me, did they get a hold of my photography and now they are calling to send me around the world on heart pounding assignments. No, but it still was a very nice call, the young lady on the other line called to inform me that I was one of the winners of the National Geographic Adventure Magazines “Wide Angle” photo contest. This was interesting because I forgot all about it, on account that they told us the winners would be announced in early March!!! So as my dreams of telling my boss to stuff it!!! (Joking Muriel if you so happen to read this, just providing drama) slowly slipped away, the idea of a trip for two to Iceland on a 7 day tour became just as tantalizing, until she interrupted my thoughts to inform me that I only came in second. LOL. Well as great as second sounds it doesn’t come close to the $7000 all inclusive trip. But I guess the recognition of beating out hundreds of entries and getting your photo published with 5 other second place winners isn’t that bad ( there were 6 categories with a winner for each category and an over all winner). So that was the highlight of my day, just thought I would share it. The pic entered is Birds of a feather in my Safari Portfolio. And I am told that I do have a prize coming to me, it better be good damm it.
Featured Photographer
16th February 2006
It's great how things work out in life. A very good friend of mine from Italy now living and working in Afghanistan introduced me to a friend of hers from Spain currently living in New York, all while chatting over MSN Messenger from DC/NY to Kabul and back. It turns out he was a lover of photography as well and I was very impressed with his work when I first saw it. His work is another example of Contemporary Travel Photography and I asked if he wouldn’t mind displaying his work on my site.

Photographer: Daniel Solaris
Age: 30 years old
Country: Spain
Occupation: filmmaker and editor.

At the moment he is living in New York, involved in the making of a documentary, and spends his free time on the streets of New York looking for something interesting to shoot.

PLease see his fantastic portfolio, "new york".

Be Cool

Rowan Mark
Special Thanx
27th January 2006
Just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the support you guys have given and all the positive feedback to my site. I never imagined that this would be any more than a portal for those close to me to see what I have been up too. I never imagined that within a month’s time this site would have received over 3000 hits and reached people all over the world. This is a labor of love, and I will continue to post interesting and thought provoking subjects. Thanx for the support.

FYI a new portfolio will be up this weekend, called “Safari”

Be Cool,