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Face to Face portfolioIf the eyes are truly the windows to the soul then there are billions of windows to look through and a billion stories to be told. I have done my best to capture a few.
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The World As I See It. portfolioThis collection is meant to provide a glance, not just of the many places I have traveled around the world (that would be boring), but rather to capture the world as I saw it, I heard it, I felt it, I tasted it, As I experienced it.
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Ancient Ethiopia portfolioWhile living in Ethiopia, I took an unforgettable journey through northern Ethiopia crossing some of the most remote and ancient landscapes on earth, it was an incredible solo 3 day journey back into time.
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Safari portfolioThis was a childhood dream come true. To be able to experience the greatest concentration of land mammals on earth as they migrate across the wide open space of the great Masai Mara and Serengeti plains reaching from Kenya into Tanzania, to the 20mile in circumference Ngorongroro Crater.
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My Life in Washington DC portfolio
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